6.3.3 SQL Server - Configuring Tables To Import From SQL

When setting up the SQL connection, if you selected the option Use this SQL connection for all tables, all tables will by default read their data from the SQL Server database.  If you wish to import data from multiple sources, this option must be set to false and you will need to manually configure each data object to import its data using the SQL adaptor.  

Fixed row and column tables

To import data into fixed row and column tables, the adaptor for each data object must be set to SQL. This can be done;

  • individually using the Data Adaptor control in the Value Editor panel; or
  • via drag-and-drop using the SQL data adaptor in the Automation panel.

Using the Value Editor panel

To import data using the SQL adaptor for an individual data point, first select the object then edit the Data Adaptor in the Value Editor panel:

Using Drag-and-Drop 

You can set the adaptor of an individual cell, an entire row or column, or an entire row or column group by dragging the SQL option from the Automaton panel and dropping it onto a cell, row or column header or group header as illustrated in this video:

Variable Row Tables

To import data from the SQL connection into a variable row table, the SQL connection has to be nominated through the use of the form accessible through Tools -> Variable Row Tables -> Nominate Connection.

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