4.3 Excel Import Templates - Updating

When reporting using a new version of a taxonomy, a new Report Authority document will need to be created. You can save a significant amount of time by reusing the Excel import template from the previous version of the taxonomy. You will, however, need to update the Excel template to include any updated table structures that were part of the new version of the taxonomy.

Updating an Excel Import Template

Once you have created a document with the new taxonomy, you will need to connect your Excel import template from the previous taxonomy by clicking on the Manage Connections button:

Data Connections Form

  • Name - Provide a meaningful name for the connection which will be available when configuring data adaptors
  • Workbook - Provide the workbook path.
  • Absolute path - An absolute path will be a fully qualified path to the file.  If the file or any of its parent folders are renamed or moved, the path of the connection will have to be updated.  
  • Location relative to current document - A relative path can be used if the Report Authority document has been saved and the workbook exists in either the same folder as the Report Authority document or any folders within.  This way, the connection will not need to be updated as long as the workbook’s position in relation to the Report Authority document has not been changed.  Moving the two files together will not result in the needing to update the connection’s path.
  • Password - if the workbook is password protected, provide the password. 

TIP:  If you need to connect to multiple Excel workbooks, you can drag them from Windows Explorer and drop them onto this dialog.

Click the add button and then browse for the Excel import template. You will need to name the file and then click Add and then Close. 

Click on the Update Import Template button:

Update Import Template Form

  • Tables to Insert if Absent or Modified - Select the tables to be inserted or modified in the Excel import template (Ctrl + A for all).
  • Workbook to Update - Select the connection that was created for the Excel import template and click OK.

The modified sheets will be inserted into the Excel import template, the outdated sheets will be represented in black with the original information and a back-up copy of the unmodified Excel import template will be created in the same location it was previously saved.

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