1.2 Licensing XML Authority

XML Authority is protected through the use of an Activation Key that is tied to your computer name.  The same licence key can be reused on as many different computers as you have bought licences for.

Licensing XML Authority

When you first load XML Authority, you will be taken to the Licence screen:


Click the Activate Licence button.

Online Activation

XML Authority can communicate with its licensing server directly in order to release the licence.  To do so, select the Online Activation button.  


Copy the Activation Key that was emailed to you and paste it into the Activation Key box and press the Activate button:


If XML Authority cannot communicate with its licensing server, it may be blocked from doing so by your company's IT security policies.  In that case, click Back, and perform an Offline Activation.

Offline Activation

Offline activation can be used if the computer onto which XML Authority is to be installed does not have access to the internet, or if XML Authority is blocked from communicating with its licensing server by your company's IT security policies.

The internet is still required for offline activation, but that can be from a browser on the same computer, on a different computer or mobile device.


Copy your Computer Id, then click on the Licence Self-Help Portal button or scan the QR code using a mobile device.  You can also visit the following URL:



Enter the Activation Key that was emailed to you and paste your Computer ID into the Computer ID field.  Click the Activate ID and then copy the Computer Bound Key and paste it into the input box in XML Authority.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the support desk.

Moving a Licence to a Different Computer

In order move a licence to a different computer, the licence must be deactivated first.  To do so, visit the Licence Self Help Portal by clicking on the Licence Self-Help Portal button or scanning the QR code with a mobile device.


Once deactivated, you may activate the same Activation Key on a different computer. 


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