2.2 Selecting a Taxonomy

When taxonomies are published by regulatory authorities, they are based on a reference period which indicates the reporting period(s) that the taxonomy is relevant for. The reference period is displayed in the Taxonomy section of the New Document Wizard:

In the above example the reference period for the taxonomy is from 31 December 2018 to 29 June 2020. If the taxonomy does not display an end date for the reference period, the end date has not been specified by the regulator and the taxonomy is most likely still relevant:

Some taxonomies may have different reference periods for each entry point. If you do not see a reference period displayed in the Taxonomy section, please check the Entry point section:

In the case where no reference period is specified in the Taxonomy section nor the Entry point section, please use the latest version of the taxonomy:

In the above example there is no reference period specified for these taxonomies. In this case, the latest version of the taxonomy should be used - which is v3.3.0.

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