3.6 Calculations

When creating a new document you will have the option to automate totals and subtotals within the Report Authority tables as well as the Excel import templates:

The option will be automatically selected by default but can be disabled at any time in the Report Options by selecting File > Options > Report.

Automatic calculations within Report Authority

Automatically calculated totals and subtotals will be represented by the data points highlighted in orange:

These calculations are created using the blocking validation rules that are published alongside taxonomies by regulatory authorities. (Please see Validating Reports for more information on validation rules).

When a new version of a taxonomy is released, any new tables in the taxonomy may not include automatic calculations as new validation rules are initially introduced as non-blocking to avoid any unexpected issues preventing a successful submission. 

Hovering the mouse over an automatically calculated data point will the formula for that calculation:

Automatic calculations within Excel import templates

Automatically calculated totals and subtotals will be represented by the cells in grey with orange text:

Only the blue cells are selectable and editable in the Excel import templates. In order to see the formula used for the automatic calculations you will need to unprotect the sheet first. 

This can be done by right-clicking on the desired sheet and selecting "Unprotect Sheet...":

Once the sheet is unprotected, you will be able to select the automatically calculated cells to view their formulae:

Automatic calculations can be deactivated at any time by selecting File > Options > Report and then by unchecking the "Automate totals and subtotals" box in the Other Defaults section:

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