4.1 Excel Import Template - Introduction

Report Authority has the ability to generate an Excel version of all initialised tables and create a link to the Excel version through a single automated process. See Excel Import Template - Generating.

You are not required to use the import template created by Report Authority and can use your own Excel workbook. See Excel Import Templates - Using Your Own Templates for information on how to link Report Authority to your Excel workbook.

Excel import templates that are created from Report Authority can be updated when a new version of a taxonomy is released and contains changes to existing tables or the addition of new tables. See Excel Import Templates - Updating for more information.

Whilst not in scope of this section 4 of the support articles, Report Authority also supports datapoint-by-datapoint mapping capability to multiple custom Excel workbooks (see Microsoft Excel - Connecting to Excel Workbooks)

Individual or multiple data points within Report Authority can be connected to Excel via:

  • Cell Address Adaptor - Used for retrieving a value from a known Excel cell address. 
  • Named Range Adaptor - Used for retrieving a value in a cell that has been named.  

    This adaptor is safer to use than the Excel – Cell Address adaptor as the name of a cell is not impacted by the insertion or deletion of rows and columns, or the renaming of worksheets.
  • Lookup Adaptor - Used for interfacing with queries in Excel workbooks such as SAP Business Warehouse, Oracle Smartview or any other system with Excel interfaces.  

This custom mapping, plus mapping of datapoints to other external sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle HFM and Essbase is covered in section 7 of these support articles.

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