3.1 Initialising Tables

Once you have set up the document properties through the New Document Wizard, you are required to initialise a set of tables that you wish to report.  

When you create a new document, Report Authority will give you the following option:

  • The first time that you report a particular reporting module, you must select “No”, and then manually initialise the tables.
  • If you have already created documents using the same reporting module you can save a significant amount of time by selecting "Yes" as Report Authority will initialise the same tables used in another document. You will be prompted to browse for the appropriate Report Authority Document that you wish to copy the tables from.

Select Tables Form

The left panel contains all available tables within the taxonomy entry point that are available for initialisation. 

  • Tables can be added by selecting the table, then clicking the Add button.  
  • Multiple tables can be added by holding Ctrl while clicking on the tables, or by holding Shift while clicking the tables and then clicking Add.
  • All tables can be added at once by pressing Ctrl + A to select all tables and then clicking the Add button.
  • Tables can be removed in the same way by selecting the tables in the right panel and clicking the Remove button.
Icon Type Description

Fixed Table A fixed row and column table

Dimensional Fixed Tables Fixed row and column tables spread over multiple sheets

Variable Row Table A fixed column and variable row table

Dimensional Variable Tables Fixed column and variable row tables spread over multiple sheets

Variable Dimension Table Fixed row and column tables spread over user defined sheets

Variable Dimension Variable Row Table Fixed column and variable row tables spread over user defined sheets

Dimensional Fixed Tables

To add dimensional tables, you must select a single dimensional table record from the left pane and then click Add to select the relevant dimension.

Select Table Dimension(s) Form

  • Add All - Add all available tables at once, a separate table will be added for each available dimension.

    There could be thousands of possible tables which could be initialised when the dimensionality is taken into account. Use the Add All button only if there is an intention to complete each dimension, as adding un-needed tables will unnecessarily slow down Report Authority and increase the file size.  
  • Add and Add Another... - Add a table with the selected dimension and then select another dimension to add an additional table with the newly selected dimension. 

    This button is useful for saving time when adding multiple dimensions.
  • Add - Add a single table with the selected dimension.
  • Close - Do not add any dimensional tables.

Variable Dimension Tables

Variable dimension tables contain user defined table dimensions. To add variable dimension tables, you must select a single variable dimension table record from the left pane and then click Add to select and define a table dimension for the table.

Select Table Dimension(s) Form

Before you can add the table you will need to define a table dimension. To do this, select the drop down for the available table dimension and select "Define Table Dimension...":

You will be redirected to the Row & Sheet Dimensions panel where you can define one or multiple table dimensions:

In this panel, you will automatically be adding a dimension as a member to the table dimension that was relevant to the selected table:

In the above example we are adding "Example Dimension 1" as a dimension member to the "Cover pool identifier (open)" table dimension.

  • Name - Provide a name to the dimension member. 

    The name is a label for your own records and will not be displayed in the XBRL instance.
  • Value - Provide a value and then press the Enter key.

    This value will be displayed in the XBRL instance as the label for this dimension member.
  • Save - Creates the newly defined dimension.
  • Cancel - Stops the addition of the dimension.

You will need to select the Tables panel and then the Add/Remove Tables button to get back to the Select Tables form:

When choosing the previously selected variable dimension table, you will be able to add the table with the dimension you just created: 

Defined the table dimensions will be displayed in the Typed Dimensions Section in the Row & Table Dimensions panel:

You can Edit or Delete created dimension members or Add more dimension members to the available table dimensions.

Initialising Tables

Once you have selected all of the tables you wish to report, click the Save button to initialise all the selected tables.

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