5.3 Disabled Validation Rules

The latest deactivated validation rules are available for download at the end of this article.

Regulators will periodically deactivate validation rules.  Often this is in response to feedback received from filers which suggest the rule contradicts the reporting guidance issued.  In this example, these rules are often immediately deactivated whilst the feedback is being investigated for correctness. The result of the investigation can result in the regulator reactivating or permanently deactivating the validation rule without releasing any change to the XBRL taxonomy.  

Erroneous validations rules are often corrected in subsequent taxonomy releases at which point the rules can be re-activated.

Report Authority can exclude a list of disabled validation rules when validating reports. This ensures that the set of validation rules used when validating the report in Report Authority is the same as the set used in the regulators' submission gateway.

Automatic disabling of validation rules

Before any patch to Report Authority is released, the current list of disabled rules will be updated.  This will result in the automatic updating of a document's list of disabled rules when it is re-opened in Report Authority.

Therefore if you have installed the most recent patch to Report Authority, you will unlikely ever to have to manually disable any validation rules.

If however, the regulator announces that they have updated their list of validations rules and you are not on the most recent version of Report Authority, you should consider to manually update your list of disabled rules.

Manually disabling validation rules

To manually disable validation rules in Report Authority, select the Disable Validation Rules button:

Disable Table Rules form

A single rule or list of rules can be copied and pasted directly into this form. Listed rules must be separated any of the following:

  • Comma
  • Space
  • Tab
  • Line-break/carriage return

Once you have included all the rules that should be disabled in this form, select Save and the form will close. All rules included in this form will be excluded from the validation process. 

Latest deactivated validation rules

Click the relevant link below to download the latest list of deactivated validation rules:


EIOPA Solvency II

BOE Banking

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